Wide Foot Pegs

Part Number : BCABMW001

To Fit:

R1150GS and Adventure,

F650GS and Dakar,




Ideal for standing on gravel roads.

Price:  R490.00 /Set (Incl. VAT)




Head Light Guard

Part Number : BCABMW000

To Fit:

R1150GS / Adventure



Saves the expensive cost of replacing the headlight.

Manufactured from Aluminium, Powder coated, with a Perspex cover in front of the headlight. Does not distort the Light beam.

Supplied with all fittings.


Price: R390.00 (Incl. VAT)




Motorcycle Towing Strap

Part Number : BCABMW010



The only safe way to tow your buddy without causing any damage to either motorcycle.

(To be used on opposite foot pegs i.e. Front bike’s Left foot peg to the bike being towed, Right foot peg)

Length = 4 m

Strength = 2 ton


Price: R85.00 (Incl. VAT)


1150GSADV /1200GS  - Side Stand Base

Simply bolts on to existing side stand. made from Aluminium.

Price R140.00



Camo Jo


1150 ADV

Standard GS tank

Low Seat